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The European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children (News Item)


Today, children in Europe start using the Internet on average when they are 7 years old. One in three go online via mobile phones, game consoles or other mobile devices. At the same time, many young children say there are not enough good things for kids their age to do online. Children need quality content online to stimulate their imagination and help them learn. They need the skills and tools for using the Internet safely and responsibly.

On 02 May 2012 the Commission adopted the Communication for a "Strategy for a Better Internet for Children". You can read it in PDF format by clicking here

Read the Commission press release here

Read the Citizens' summary here

The Commission has set out a plan to give children the digital skills and tools they need fully and safely to benefit from the digital world. It also aims to unlock the potential of the market for interactive, creative and educational content online. The strategy brings together the European Commission and Member States with mobile phone operators, handset manufacturers and providers of social networking services to deliver concrete solutions for a better internet for children. The strategy proposes a series of actions grouped around four main goals:

- To stimulate the production of creative and educational online content for children and develop platforms which give access to age-appropriate content

- To scale up awareness raising and teaching of online safety in all EU schools to develop children's digital and media literacy and self-responsibility online

- Creating a safe environment for children where parents and children are given the tools necessary for ensuring their protection online – such as easy-to-use mechanisms to report harmful content and conduct online, transparent default age-appropriate privacy settings or user-friendly parental controls;

- Combating child sexual abuse material online by promoting research into, and use of innovative technical solutions by police investigations.

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