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SIP-BENCH 2: Benchmarking of parental control tools for the online protection of children (News Item)


The objective of this study is to help parents to choose the most appropriate parental control tool that best fits their needs.

This will be done by means of an expert assessment of products, tools and services that allow users to control children's access to inappropriate content online. As a result of each benchmarking cycle, a ranking list will be produced to help end users (notably parents) in the decision making process. The project will review parental control tools in 6-monthly cycles until the end of 2012 and results will be public.

1st cycle results

2nd cycle results

3rd cycle results

Results from the third benchmarking cycle released on 16 February 2012 show that the average effectiveness has increased from 1,4 in the 1st cycle to 1,82 (out of 4) in the 3rd cycle. Still, the best score for effectiveness for any tool in the 3rd cycle was only 2,6 out of 4. The tools generally perform well on adult content but have a high rate of underblocking on other content categories (violence, crime, racism, drugs, self-harm, crime and gambling).

See the global ranking lists from the 3rd cycle.

You can search for the tools which best meets your needs.

Read the executive summary of the report.

Read the full report on the results of the third benchmarking cycle.

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