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EU Safer Internet Day 2011 (News Item)


Safer Internet Day is part of a global drive to promote a safer Internet for children and young people. This event organized by INSAFE and supported by the European Union through the Safer Internet Programme has been celebrated since 2004 in a growing number of countries.

The 2011 edition of Safer Internet Day will take place on 8 February and it will focus on virtual worlds, online games and social networking sites. This theme was identified by the INSAFE network of awareness centres as an increasingly important one, as online games are often the way younger children come in contact with the Internet for the very first time and teenagers are more and more active in virtual worlds, which allows them to become whoever they want. This theme is aiming at making children and teenagers realize that actions in the virtual world can have an impact in their real lives and that although one's real identity is hidden behind an avatar or a nickname, one should match their online and offline behaviour.

At the same time, this theme aims at raising awareness among children, teachers and parents about the challenges related to their privacy, reputation and health, that youngsters may come across online and present them with solutions to cope with these challenges.

The 2011 Safer Internet Day slogan is "It's more than a game, it's your life!".

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