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Press Release: Safer Internet day 2010 (News Item)


EU Safer Internet Day 2010 takes place today Tuesday 9th February. This is the 7th Safer Internet Day and it will be celebrated in more than 60 countries worldwide. The theme for this year is "Think Before You Post".
Safer Internet Day is an international annual event, which is organised by European internet safety network (INSAFE) and is co-funded by the European Commission's Safer Internet Programme. It takes place every February to promote safe and responsible use of the internet and mobile phone technologies, especially amongst children and young people.

Speaking today, the Executive Director of the Office for Internet Safety, Mr. John Laffan., said:

"The internet can be a wonderful source of knowledge and entertainment and a means to exchange information through mediums such as email, texting, social networking sites, chatrooms, internet camera phones and instant messaging. However, these instant and far reaching communication capabilities have brought a new dimension to child protection issues. You should always take a moment to think before you post any sensitive information about yourself online. You never know who might be reading it. "

Mr Laffan stated that Safer Internet Day was all about maintaining public awareness for the need for safer internet use for children and young people. He also urged the public:

"If you come across content on the Internet that you suspect to be illegal, you should report it using the confidential service".

The Safer Internet Day celebrations will include local, national and international events organised by a broad variety of organisations ranging from schools and youth clubs to industry, civil society and local and national government agencies, including amongst others the launch of the Safer Internet Ireland Youth Advisory Panel (SIIYAP) which will be formally launched today by the Minister for Education and Science, Mr. Batt O'Keeffe T.D.

The Office for Internet Safety (OIS) has produced an information leaflet on safer use of the internet which highlights this years theme "Think Before You Post". The OIS has also produced a poster and bookmark on ‘Top Tips for Safer use of the Internet’ to mark Safer Internet Day 2010. These resources are available from all public libraries. These publications and information on internet safety can be found on the Office for Internet Safety website The leaflet produced by the Office for Internet Safety, offers measured and practical advice on safe and responsible internet use and will help ensure you and your child's online experience can be happy and productive.

The Office for Internet Safety wishes to acknowledge the support of An Chomhairle Leabharlanna, National Centre for Technology in Education and the Library Association of Ireland in developing the 2010 Safer Internet Day resources.

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