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INHOPE Newsletter - Issue:4 (News Item)


Developing strong collaborations can only benefit us all - Ruben Rodriguez.

I could never imagine that when I was invited to participate in the first INHOPE Assocation development meeting that we would have grown to the level we are today and have 35 Member Hotlines from all over the world. It is a proud thing to see and I am sure our founder Nigel Williams would be pleased. We have come a long way since the beginning, but we still have a long way to go in our efforts to protect our nation's children. Read more...


Mobile industry action to combat child sexual abuse content - Natasha Jackson.

In 2007, the mobile industry joined forces to create the Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content. Members of the Mobile Alliance, whose global operations span over 90 markets across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, have committed to work together, sharing resource and pooling expertise, to obstruct the use of the mobile environment by individuals or organisations wishing to consume or profit from child sexual abuse content. Read more...


INHOPE Law Enforcement “Building Collaboration” Conference - Kerry Gordon.

Over 80 participants from around the globe met at the 2 day INHOPE Law enforcement "Building Collaboration" Conference which was held in Helsinki 3rd & 4th September 2009. Law enforcement representatives from over 25 countries and INHOPE Hotlines from both inside and outside the EC participated in plenary sessions led by expert speakers. Participants included national law enforcement agencies, INTERPOL and EUROPOL, leading prosecutors in the areas of child exploitation, government, industry experts and child welfare advocates. Read more...


Child Sexual Abuse Images - a viewpoint from the European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online - John Carr.

They used to say there is nothing new under the sun. They are wrong. For all practical purposes the internet has created a whole new genre of crimes, particularly against children. Yes, since time immemorial there have been child abuse images but the internet has completely changed the scope and scale. What used to be a “cottage industry” is now a global, multi million dollar business.


Highly successful first regional meeting for southern European region - Janice Richardson.

The first regional meeting of the Insafe 2.0 project and Inhope for the Southern European region took place on 6-7 July 2009 in Madrid, Spain. More than 60 participants took part, representing 8 countries from the region (Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Malta). There were also representatives from the coordinating node and Inhope present as well as partners from industry. The meeting provided opportunities to discuss issues surrounding illegal and harmful content and conduct and focused on new phenomena emerging from the dramatic increase of user-generated content online. Read more...


CIRCAMP (Cospol Internet Related Child Abusive Material Project) - Bjørn-Erik Ludvigsen.

The Internet is a perfect vessel for child sexual abusive material distribution, with its perceived anonymity, high speed, wide availability and cheap entry price. Since the introduction of this technology, and with the high penetration of digital imaging devices in the population, the amount of child abuse material available on the Internet is growing and growing fast. The police cannot control the Internet by itself; there is a need for extensive cooperation on the varied areas that make up the Internet. There is a need for cooperation between the various governments, society in general and NGOs in particular. Read more...


Irish Hotline Analyst Attends International Crimes Against Children Conference In Dallas - Beena Annam.

One of the key objectives of the INHOPE network is to share knowledge and to transfer technical expertise between hotlines. This is essential for hotlines if they are to remain effective given the fast-evolving nature of the Internet, where illicit users are constantly advancing their modes of operation to avoid detection. In pursuit of this goal, INHOPE organised an intensive two-day Advanced Internet Tracing course for law enforcement and hotline content analyst personnel in Prague in June 2009. Read more...


ECPAT-Taiwan’s 15th Anniversary Conference - Bernard Kao.

ECPAT Taiwan has held International Conferences on Child Online Safety since 2006. Each year we focus on several topics and invited experts from different countries to address relevant issues concerning child online safety strategies, legislation, research, investigation and advocacy experience. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of ECPAT Taiwan, and the 10th year operation of our hotline “web547”, we extended the international conference to 2 days. We focused on two issues, namely, “Forms of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Its New Challenges”, and the “Child Online Safety”.

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